Eliza Dushku is beloved by geeks of all ages because of her kick-ass appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. And also because she's a stone-cold fox. Because of this, the chances are good that you'll want to watch Dushku on the untitled CBS comedy series she has just been cast on, assuming it gets picked up next fall.

Dushku will star opposite her "comic idol" Damon Wayans in the pilot (yes, she wrote that on Facebook), which is inspired by the life of sportscaster Colin Cowherd. Wayans will play an outspoken sports talk radio host; Dushku his peppy sidekick.

Upon revealing the news to her fans on Facebook, Dushku wrote, "[T]here is a serious happy dance occurring at the moment." Let your imagination run wild with that one, then get disappointed with the fact that you may soon have to watch CBS for non-How I Met Your Mother purposes.