Location: 2121 Trumbull Avenue, Detroit
Opened: 1912
Demolished: 2009
Current Status: Dirt
Nickname: "The Corner"
Famed Tenants: Detroit Tigers (MLB) (1912-1999), Detroit Lions (NFL) (1938-1974)

Iffy Neighborhood Hosted World Championship Multi-Sport Architectural Marvel

The Corner, entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, featured a 125-foot flagpole in center field (fair territory). In its majestic run, the old park was the site of 11,111 home runs (including a handful that landed on the left and right field roofs), one upper deck overhang, and countless memories. It was left to die a slow, 10-year-long death in 1999, but no other stadium can claim to have its last moments documented in an Eminem video.

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