EA Sports will be porting yet another one of their franchises to the mobile market.  Screenshots of Fight Night Champion for the iOS have been released (leaked?) and they look friggin’ sweet.  No word yet when you’ll be able to pound faces into pulp during your commute, but expect some details soon. [Pasta Padre]

Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like to actually hang out with famous video game characters? And no, not your fantasy about taking Lara Croft rock climbing so you can act like a gentlemen and let her to go first. We’re speaking of those characters that are awesome in the context of their game, but seriously give you the creeps to chill with in real life. [Joystick Division]

Pre-order Rift on Steam by March 1 and receive two new melee weapons for Team Fortress 2. We have no idea what the two games have to do with each other, but we’re sure as hell interested in sticking an enemy with a sharpened volcano fragment and braining them with a sun-on-a-stick. [AVault]

The world can’t get enough of Catherine and neither can we.  A new trailer reveals even more sexy demented footage of Atlus’ soon-to-be released (in Japan) title.  The new video introduces a woman named Midnight Venus who appears to be the host of a late-night movie show called "Golden Theater."  The movie she plays stars none other than the sultry and dangerous Catherine. Even weirder: while your character is in the bathroom, you have the option of using your smartphone to check your email.  Oh, c'mon, you know you’ve done it. [The Sixth Axis]

Game designer and author of Reality Is Broken Jane McGonigal made an appearance on The Colbert Report last night, and actually did a decent job fending off Colbert's various thrusts and parries.  Check Jane out at PAX East this March—she’s one of the keynote speakers. [Destructoid]