Aksys Games, publisher of hardcore fighting game franchises Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, are bringing us another animated slugfest. Today, they announced that they would be releasing the all-girl throwdown Arcana Hearts 3 on PlayStation Network this spring. Arcana Hearts 3 is going to play host to 23 chicks who will slug it out with their hands and "Arcana" spirits that give them special power boosts. (We've grabbed a few character shots for you above, so enjoy.) Announced features for the game so far include an online multiplayer mode (which is in the very good hands of Arc System Works) and a story mode revolving around Celestial Stones. But let's keep it real, people. Who cares about the story when you have a bunch of beautiful (in a borderline-pedo anime kind of way) animated ladies putting hands on each other? GIRLFIGHT! [via IGN]

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