razerPC gamers may holler endlessly about the pinpoint precision and high-end processing power that makes PC gaming superior to console gaming, but let's be real: PC gaming just isn't as cool. (Sorry, but if we wanted to relax in front of a desk, we'd go to work.) But now, high-end gaming peripheral company Razer—who until now has been confined to the PC market—makes their first attempt at conquering consoles with two Xbox 360 controllers, the Razer Onza Standard Edition and Tournament Edition.

Razer claims that the Onza—which features a much improved directional pad, some sort of trademarked technology they call "Hyperesponse," programmable multifunction buttons, and adjustable resistance on the analog sticks—is a vast improvement over the standard joint that comes with your 360. We're not that amped about it being a cabled controller, but maybe it's just time for us to realize that getting sniped while changing batteries in our suddenly-dead wireless joint doesn't have to be part of the game. The controllers are currently available for pre-order for $49.99 (Tournament Edition) and $39.99 (Standard). Happy shooting! [Razerzone]

By Branden Peters

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