The last thing guys should be thinking about during an alien invasion is whether or not they'd smash one of the extraterrestrial females. But hey, we’ve got one-track minds around these parts. Besides, if aliens are going to take over the world, wouldn’t it be better to get on their good side? “Sex slave” sounds like a great job description! To be clear, we’re not talking about the giant, scaly aliens seen in flicks like Independence Day or Cloverfield. That’s just sick. We're thinking more along the line of a sci-fi property like ABC’s V, which returns for its second season tonight. Though last season meandered too much for us, the show supplies sufficient hotness with head “visitor” Anna (Morena Baccarin) and her daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort). The mother-daughter team is the latest in sci-fi’s long history of fly invaders. Not a surprise, since the genre is one predominantly created by dudes who probably couldn’t get laid as teenagers. With V’s dynamic duo in our thoughts, we’ve selected the 15 hottest aliens in TV and movies. Beam us up, hotties!

By Matt Barone