Synopsis: After batshit crows attack their SUV, five unlucky friends get stranded in a cornfield where reanimated human scarecrows kill folks for sport.
Director: Brett Simmons
Stars: Devon Graye, C.J. Thomason, Wes Chathan, Tammin Sursok
Complex says: It’s about time someone remade Children of the Corn without any non-frightening kids. Hands down, Husk is the coolest-looking entry into 2011’s Horrorfest, due to both its impressive trailer and the clever The Wizard of Oz x 28 Days Later concept. Best of all is the no-smiles attitude; it’d be easy to play killer scarecrows for laughs, but that’s not what writer-director Simmons has done here. Honestly, we’re betting the farm on Husk to carry the fest. Gotta love those barnyard puns.