If you’re going to sight see, you might as well go where the baby locals are initiated via field trips. There is the Railroad Museum, the rose garden at McKinley Park, Old Town Sacramento in general, the Capitol, and finally, the Delta King. If you start at any one of these places you can get to the rest of them by foot.

I feel like The Railroad Museum and the Capitol don’t need much in the way of explanation. McKinley Park definitely does. Sacramento likes to have about one park per square block (they need a place to keep all of those trees) but this one is the boss park. I’ve had more than one birthday party there. The whole city has. There are playgrounds, overly friendly/borderline aggressive squirrels, geese, ducks, swans, and chipmunks, barbeque pits and picnic tables, a city pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, a jogging path on the perimeter, ponds, and fountains. These things are all typical in parks (although most parks don’t have this many amenities at once. It’s like a 7 series), but what’s not typical is the rose garden. The rose garden is the fault of way too many wedding ceremonies in my opinion. It’s pretty though. Just go.

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