rockmelt_thumbnail If Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera weren't meeting your social-networking needs, don't fret, there's a new browser for you: RockMelt. Founded by a bunch of ex-Netscape staffers, RockMelt looks to fully integrate your social-networking life with that of your everyday browsing. Based on Chrominium—the same open-source browser Google used to make Chrome—RockMelt features two sidebars: one to give you constant access to all the networks you're a part of (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and another that shows all your friends who are currently online. Sharing news stories and videos is as easy as pressing the "share" button. We're not sure if we needed a more socially connected browser, but RockMelt is the most polished and feature-filled "social" browser we've seen. You can sign up for the beta now at [NY Times]

If you're flying on Delta, AirTran, or Virgin America during the holiday season, you can enjoy free in-flight wi-fi, courtesy of the Google Chrome team. [Tech Crunch]

Watch live television on your iPad for free without an app. We're sure the legality of this is murky, so enjoy it while you can. [All Things D]

Israel will launch its much-discussed text-message missile alert system in June of next year. [Engadget]

We're pretty sure these robots can beat you at table tennis. [Crunch Gear]

If you own a Harley, you can now listen to your iPod using this dock that goes over your gas tank. [Gizmag]

U.S. mobile data traffic will exceed 1 exabyte by 2012. For those that don't know what an exabyte is (like us), it's equal to 1 billion gigabytes. [Mashable]

Learn how to make your old iPhone docks work with Apple's newest model. [Life Hacker]