catheroAnd the beat goes on: DJ Hero 2 drops today, and it's also the second day of our three-day giveaway. To win one of today's bundles (one each for Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3), all you have to do is be one of the first people who are able to correctly answer a daily DJ quiz. Email your answers to with a subject that includes the phrase "DJ Hero 2"—and be sure to mention what console version you want. Hit the jump for today's quiz, and good luck!

1. Who is the first female to release a turntablism record?
2. What name did the X-ecutioners originally go by?
3. Who is the only DJ to win three consecutive DMC World Championships?
4. Name two of the Beastie Boys' DJs.
5. Which one of these DJs has NOT rapped on record: Pete Rock, Kid Capri, Terminator X, or DJ Muggs?
6. What DJ Squad did Mark Ronson belong to?
7. What two DJ/producers make up Duck Sauce?

Email your answers to