Media_Circus_LeadMovies: A look at how the chick-flick Eat Pray Love mirrors its dick-flick box-office rival The Expendables in no fewer than 15 ways. There's no mention of the fact that Julia Roberts has horse teeth and Sylvester Stallone is on horse steroids, though. [Vulture]

Food: Fast food restos are set to offer cholesterol-blocking statins to their calorie-loading customers. If it's not gonna kill you with the quickness, can you really call it "fast food"? [Reuters]

Travel: Flight attendant participates in mid-air pillow fight. An air marshal would have put an end to it but he was downed—literally! [Telegraph]

Politics: In case you didn't hear Texan Rep. Louis Gohmert screaming it from the mountaintops TV studio at Anderson Cooper, he really wants you to know that he's on to that whole "terror babies" shit. Cloth diapers are just upside-down turbans, people! [Talking Points Memo]

Comics: Marvel announced that superstar creators Rob Rodi and Mike Choi (brother of Complex senior editor Mary H.K. Choi, whose new Lady Deadpool comic should be in your collection) are hard at work on the upcoming limited series Astonishing Thor. Damn right we plug for family! FTW! [Newsarama]


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