So what's a one-man team to do when its superstar player wants out? Not pull a Cleveland Cavaliers fuck-up, first of all. Second, offer some damn incentives. With their star point guard Chris Paul first demanding a trade and then making nice for the cameras, the New Orleans Hornets are looking for any reason to entice their franchise player to stay in the Big Easy. Which, who are we kidding, just ain't gonna happen. (What are they gonna say, "But Chris, we'll re-sign Darius Songalia!"). But maybe CP3 would reconsider runnin' point elsewhere if he knew what else he was leaving behind: a full roster of certified sexy chicks. That's right, the Hornets may be Paul and a bunch of stiffs, but the native ladies of New Orleans are an All-Star squad. We've got the ten best reasons for CP3 to stay in the Big Easy.