Okay, so you're this plumber named Mario, and your eternal platonic love, the Princess, has been kidnapped by a spiked-tortoisey-firebreathing Koopa named Bowser. You sure none of this sounds familiar yet? This time around, Bowser's taken the princess—who, seriously, private security force, anyone?—so far away that Mario has to commandeer a Luma-run ship to search the universe for her. The ship, a creepy flyable Mario head that takes the place of the original SMG's Comet Observatory, has its charm but at times lacks the yay-we're-running-crazy-in-a-museum feeling of the Observatory. That being said, it's a perfectly workable platform for Mario to regroup, harvest extra lives when need be, and comb the galaxies for his beloved. In addition to the usual mailman Toad, the faceship also serves as home to a money-laundering Toad: as you accumulate reserves of Star Bits during your travels, you can deposit them with him, and he'll either distribute them to other players' save files on your copy of the game, or just hold your deposits until they accrue tiny amounts of interest very slowly. We're not really sure why this is a great idea; maybe Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to teach kids the value of investing in CDs? Japan's fiscal conservatism is YOUR superfluous gaming innovation!