Along with the typical brouhaha at last night's MTV Video Music Awards (more on that later!), there were also some hot-as-sin outfits on the red carpet. We've got consistent players like Beyoncé, a surprise hottie moment from Amanda Bynes, rookie-of-the-year Amber Rose, and a laughable moment that had Shakira and Pink rockin' the same Balmain dress. And sorry, fetish fiends: No Lady Gaga this time—too much costume, not enough skin. So who was the hottest female of the night? See our picks for the 10 sexiest VMA women and cast your vote below...


NAME: Beyoncé
COMPLEX SAYS: Mrs. Carter once again puts the rest to shame with cleavage and some inner thigh action. Never lets us wonder why Jay put on ring on it.


NAME: Cassie
COMPLEX SAYS: Cassie looks a lot hotter without Diddy hanging off her. We vote for solo Cassie more often. Still getting used to that hair, though.


NAME: Amerie
COMPLEX SAYS: Amerie keeps it simple and sexy and always gets the passing grade here at Complex.


NAME: Katy Perry
COMPLEX SAYS: Channeling a vintage superhero sexpot with this dress, Ms.Perry knows boobs, legs, and role-play are the keys to every boy's heart.


NAME: Solange
COMPLEX SAYS: Big sis always seem to take the top spot, but it don't stop Solange from bringing some boho hotness. Cropped dos work when your last name is Knowles.


NAME: Amber Rose
COMPLEX SAYS: This outfit kinda makes her look like a snake digesting dinner in two different parts of its body. We heart her lady lumps.


NAME: Jennifer Lopez
COMPLEX SAYS: She's got her red carpet "Fuck Me" face mastered...and we'd gladly comply J. Lo. Gladly.


NAME: Amanda Bynes
COMPLEX SAYS: Whoa? Girl, when'd you get those curves?!


NAME: Kristin Cavallari
COMPLEX SAYS: So we guess she's "famous" again after disappearing post-Laguna Beach. We don't really care what she does—the whole bitchy, blonde, California girl set-up works for us.


NAME: Shakira/Pink
COMPLEX SAYS: Both these ladies invoke dominatrix fantasies. Question is, who do you actually want holding the whip?


NAME: Alicia Keys
COMPLEX SAYS: Besides looking amazing last night, Alicia Keys left Swizz Beatz at home. We pretended she was single for one night, and we're sure you did too.

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