By now we're sure you've gotten a good number of invitations for Super Bowl 43 parties. And while there's little better than getting up with a group of friends, killing 30 packs of brew, devouring an unhealthy amount of wings (this year, make sure they're Korean) and watching some football, we can't help but feel that there are better ways to spend your Sunday evening than watching the Super Bowl match-up everyone was hoping wouldn't happen'well, except those few Cardinals and Steelers (what up, Barack!) fans.

Or maybe you're just not a sports fan and need something to watch to pass the time. We scanned the TV lineup for Sunday and came up with some worthwhile alternatives to the NFL's big event. Don't worry, you can turn back to see The Boss (Springstein, not Stubbs) do the halftime show...

• What: Death Wish
• When: 6 PM-8PM
• Where: AMC (American Movie Channel)
• Why: One of Charles Bronson's best roles was one of the most gangster flicks to ever touch celluloid. And, as 'Pac said, "Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting" well, you know.

• What: Predator Raw: The Unseen Tapes Marathon
• When:
• Where: MSNBC
• Why: If you've ever caught Chris Hansen's primetime pervert witch hunt To Catch a Predator, you know that they put everything on the table when ruining the lives of the could be pedophiles they catch hairy handed. So we can only imagine the kind of hilarity they left out. And, as an added bonus, you can still get twisted by playing the To Catch a Predator Drinking Game. Don't say Complex never gave you nothin'.

• What:
• When: 6PM-8PM
• Where:
BET (LOL! Nah, for real, though)
• Why: It's not often that BET airs movies not starring Faizon Love. This Jeffery Wright helmed project tells the story of how a young Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. organized the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. Terrance "Sweet Slickback" Howard also makes an appearance as fellow civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy, but don't let that stop you from watching. And if you're really feeling it, stay tuned for Mandela - the Nelson Mandela movie. Knowledge is key, son.

• What: House Marathon
• When: 6PM-4AM
• Where: USA
• Why: Time flies when you're watching a medical drama. Instead of turning into a vapid zombie by watching the CSI marathon that'll be running on Spike, tune into the Golden Globe winning House. There's no Hummer police cars, but there're also no seizure inducing, pointless edits.

• What: Locked Up Abroad Marathon
• When: 7PM-2AM
• Where: National Geographic Channel
• Why: If, for some reason, you ever thought about doing some illegal shit in a foreign country, do yourself a favor and watch the best reality show on TV. You'll see what happens when you get caught moving coke in Indonesia. Hint: The inmates don't waste time with niceties like asking, "Ever had your shit pushed in?" They just push your shit in.