Movie: Ghoulies (1985)

Unless you’re one of the millions of loyal viewers who’ve stuck it out with the undying TV hit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, chances are that you’re not very familiar with Mariska Hargitay, but, guess what—her backstory is more interesting than most of the actresses we see on a daily blogging basis. Aside from her multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and wins, Hargitay is, get this, the daughter of 1950s sex symbol/pin-up/blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield, and her father, Mickey Hargitay, was a onetime Mr. Universe. And she even has a half-brother who directed episodes of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Imagine how crazy those family reunions must’ve been. Best of all, though, Hargitay has the distinct honor of saying that she made her feature film debut in the silly 1985 creature feature Ghoulies. One look at the film’s poster, seen above, should explain that deserved pride.