The first time I heard 2hollis, I assumed I was listening to an artist from somewhere in Europe. The music sounds like it has some modern American reference points—both from popular music and the underground—but it’s all seemingly distorted through an outsider’s perspective. Turns out I was wrong. 2hollis is originally from Chicago and has been living in Los Angeles for most of his life. He’s 18 years old. Beyond that, he hasn’t shared much about his personal life. He keeps things pretty vague, even when talking about his music.

“I would be doing this regardless if people enjoyed or not,” he says. “The visuals are always a reflection of myself and my current state of life, just like the music. Lately I’ve been in a tangle with my way of living and get lost in myself from time to time, lost in certain head spaces.”

His headspace throughout the last couple of years has been yielding fascinating results. “Green Spore Valley” was our entry point, but his recent mixtape FINALLY LOST offers more intense concoctions like “TIFERET” and “THE CASE OF A LOST 2.” He also just released an even more experimental project called Mage 1, a collaboration with Finn Sigil. 2hollis produces and handles mixing and mastering across all of his music.

Whether you’re a fan of Drain Gang, digicore, Chief Keef, or Alice Glass, it’s worth diving into 2hollis, who is somewhere in the mix of it all, sometimes all at once.—Jacob Moore

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