11 Producers Who Are Quietly Blowing Up on Soundcloud

Check out some of the rapidly rising producers who are already blowing up on Soundcloud.

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2. Sango

Link: https://soundcloud.com/sangobeats

American producer Sango is the remix king. He pumps out remixes of songs from across the genres, just in the last few months putting his own stamp on tracks by Vic Mensa, Jessie Ware, Tinashe, and The Code. Both his remixes and own original productions have a rich texture and sense of restraint, even as the bass booms and snares snap.

4. Lido


Norwegian producer Lido has only been releasing music for about a year, but every one of his bright, larger-than-life productions gets hundreds of thousands of plays, and he's been tapped by popular artists like Banks and for official remixes. His "Latch" remix (now removed from the internet thanks to Universal) was named the best remix of the year by Do Androids Dance. So far, his Soundcloud success hasn't translated to much offline buzz, but he's been one of the most consistent young music-makers out there, and if he keeps it up, it's easy to imagine one big production becoming his breakthrough.

6. Madeaux

Link: https://soundcloud.com/madeaux

We've been taking about how great Madeaux is for a while now, and thankfully everyone else is finally catching on. His talent is unquestionable, and he seems to be able to turn his hand to almost anything, from shimmering R&B remixes, to peak time club bangers, and even to working on original tracks with vocalists, something a lot of rising producers struggle with.

8. Daytrip


We're still getting to know Daytrip, and we're not even close to having the New York City producer duo figured out. It's hard to believe that the guys behind "Flight 43" are also responsible for Raury’s "Cigarette Song," and it's definitely a sign that these talented newcomers have an exciting and unpredictable journey ahead of them. They've only got a handful of tracks up on Soundcloud, but they're gaining traction quickly.

Catch them DJing at the Pigeons & Planes-presented No Ceilings show later this month.

10. Hucci

Link: https://soundcloud.com/hucci

Hucci is a Souncloud success story. The still young producer from Brighton, England, is a beast on Soundcloud, with everything he puts up (even just preview clips of his songs) getting hundreds of thousands of plays, and often millions. Hucci seems to still be experimenting with different styles, with recent track "Hitta" a restrained, detailed take on the trap sounds that have been so popular in the past few years. Here's to many more millions of plays.

12. et aliae


et aliae isn't out doing shows and DJing events, but she's figured out how to establish an online presence. The 21-year-old does online DJ sets through tinychat.com events like SPF420, Ecchi Party.

"I would say that the Internet is the driving force of this project," she explained to us earlier this year. "Like many others, I learned production from online resources. I have collaborated with musicians from different parts of the world just using email and dropbox. I’m thankful for networks like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, they give anyone with an internet connection an opportunity to be heard. I’m not sure how else I would have been able to share my music. I just feel like it is a very exciting time to be a creative person with the technologies that are now available."

Her aesthetic and connections give her an advantage over less internet-involved artists, but it's her music that makes it all work. Her sound is clean and modern, and even though she's been putting out music for less than a year, she's already gaining attention.

14. AWE

Link: https://soundcloud.com/awe

Part of the ever thriving LA beat music scene, AWE has got a lot of love over in the UK too, with support coming from scene figureheads Skream and Plastician. It's easy to draw parallels between AWE's sound and that of Rustie or Hudson Mohawke (pre-G.O.O.D. Music at least) thanks to the vibrant synths, but AWE is definitely doing his own thing and blowing up in the process.

16. Ekali

Link: https://soundcloud.com/ekalimusic

Ekali is incredibly active on Soundcloud, reposting songs by artists he loves and his Flow-Fi label mates as well as uploading frequent remixes, collaborations, and new tracks. From Vancouver to the world, thanks to the power of the internet.

18. TALA

Link: https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial

TALA is more than just a producer, being an awesome vocalist too, but either way, she is coming with a unique sound that should see her profile grow and grow. There are influences from underground electronic music production and from the music her Iranian father would play when she was younger, but all brought together with a bright sheen that makes her songs accessible and addictive.

Read our interview with TALA here, and get to know her before she becomes huge.

19. Eric Dingus

Link: https://soundcloud.com/eric-dingus

At only 19 years old, the Soundcloud-based rise of Austin's Eric Dingus was accelerated when the OVO blog featured his remix of Drake's "Worst Behaviour," following which they also presented his HAW mixtape. With lots of rap production to his name already, and OVO's ear, it looks like Eric Dingus is all set to bring his dark and moody beats to an even larger audience in the future.

21. GANZ

Link: https://soundcloud.com/iamganz

GANZ is from the Netherlands, but seems to love remixing artists from all over the world, whether that's A$AP Rocky, AlunaGeorge, or RL Grime. His sound is colorful and accessible with twinkling, video-game melodies, but underpinned by a funky lurch that makes it almost impossible to sit still when listening.