This Week's Best EDM, Featuring Disclosure, Duck Sauce, and Sinjin Hawke

Listen to the best EDM from the past week, with songs from Disclosure, Duck Sauce, and Sinjin Hawke.

Image via Homo Artificialis


Image via Homo Artificialis

Image via Homo Artificialis

Hopefully you true believers survived Janus. We did, primarily because we had all kinds of steaming hot tunes to keep us occupied. It’s been a weird week, considering that the Grammys are going down, and there are a number of electronic acts that we’d love to see win something. In any case, here’s your week-end rundown of the best electronic dance music around. You already know!

Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige – “F For You”

Disclosure the past week being goddamn everywhere. A live performance with Mary J Blige turned into a new version of Settle‘s “F For You,” featuring all new vocals from the Queen. Her vocals are pretty at home in that vintage diva house way.


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Duck Sauce’s Duck Droppings EP

A-Trak and Armand were all “fuck it, why not give away a four-track EP of disco-tinged edits?” No word on when Quack is set to drop, but the awesomeness we’re getting in the meantime makes everything OK.


L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke – “The Pit”

All kinds of assault, via bass.


Paul Woolford – “Untitled (Call Out Your Name)”

Awkward exercise classes with cats set to house music. Yeah, this video is all wins.


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As Animals – “I See Ghost (Ghost Gunfighters) (Star Slinger Remix)”

Seriously, Star Slinger does no wrong.


Mumdance – “It’s Peak (Club Mix)”

Don’t be scared. There’s a LOT going on here, but when you slide this one on an unsuspecting crowd, things will go haywire instantaneously.


Blasqstarr’s The Blaq-Files EP

One of Mad Decent’s first artists returns with a free EP of previously-unreleased bits from 2002-2006, all which sound miles away from much of the club music being made today.


Rx – “Strike Ah Pose (DJ Earl Remix)”

TEKLIFE member DJ Earl is having a splending 2014, and we’re only a few weeks in. He truly is the future of footwork.


Lenkemz ft. Slick Don – “Can’t See U”

The low-end on this one is disgusting, and the video is just as nutty.


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Digitalism – “Fahrenheit 32”

Something about piano-driven house tunes that do it to me.


DJ Q ft. Kai Ryder – “Be Mine”

DJ Q’s Ineffable is going to be a great look at how amazing the UK garage and 2-step scenes can be in 2014. One can only hope that tunes like “Be Mine” could get some chart love this year (at least in the UK).


Worthy – “Get It”

Dirtybird Worthy gives away his first of many bits of 2014 before the onslaught that’s leading up to his album. So deep, so bouncy.


Four Tet – “Angel Echoes (Emerson Twin Remix)”

This is just mind-blowing. Everything about it is better than everything else.


Umba – “Acid Flashbacks”

Dim is an impressive album, and Umba’s “Acid Flashbacks” might trigger some long-lost visions. TECHNO!


Elaksi – “Sometimes”

There’s something spiritual in this bass-heavy track. Let it marinate.