Portland rapper Donte Thomas dropped an album called COLORS in 2019, a cohesive body of work with a clear theme that showed his versatility across rapping and more melodic moments. "After a few psychedelic trips, I found the confidence to create a sound that I was proud of," he explained. "Not only does the album concept revolve around the science of chromesthesia, but it gives the listener an experience of my creativity from every angle imaginable.”

This year, Donte returned with a deluxe edition featuring four more songs that build on the sound of COLORS and represent some of his best work yet. “It feels great to be releasing during this time, because music helps us to get through our everyday situations," he says. "It’s unfortunate that we, as a people have to suffer due to the poor decisions from our government, but I think the music helps us take our mind off things.”

Leaning into his keen ear for instantly sticky melodies he raps and sings over colorful production, cementing himself as an essential artist in a Portland scene that is slowly but surely bubbling up and demanding attention.

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