We still listen to submissions every day. Accessibility has been one of the pillars of Pigeons & Planes since the beginning—we want to give a fair shot for all artists. We think it's important that professional PR and management, industry connections, streaming platforms, and social media buzz don't fully dictate which artists get talked about, so we're always looking for great music that isn't already positioned for success.

Truthfully, most of the submissions aren't good. It's easier than ever for artists to make their own music, and that means a lot of aspiring artists are making and sharing music right now. A lot of it is half-baked and unoriginal, but every now and then we come across something really cool, and there's still nothing as satisfying as hearing something early, directly from the artist, while you're clicking through random submission links and listening to song after song hoping something connects.

Usually, we keep submissions to ourselves for a while. Sometimes we'll talk with artists, give feedback, and figure out a way to support in the long-term, but it's been a while since we've shared music straight from the submissions, so today we're highlighting a few of our recent favorites. If you like anything you hear, show some love. We believe these artists are already making compelling music and have a lot of potential, and we hope that posts like these help them take it to the next level.

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