With his 2015 debut bcos u will never b free, Rex Orange County laid a foundation with strong songwriting and a genre-hopping approach. It was self-released through Bandcamp, where it was described as a "bedroom album by Rex." His next project Apricot Princess, as well as a trio of singles, came out in the first half of 2017, and Rex took things to the next level with prominent features on Tyler, the Creator's Flower Boy.

One of his best singles to date, "Loving is Easy," followed a few months later. Rex taps into the awkwardness and giddy joy of young love and captures the trials and tribulations of growing up through his songs. The 19-year-old English artist keeps things interesting with lush production and intimate lyricism, and as well-rounded as his music already is, it still feels as if we're witnessing the early stages of a long career.

"I don’t think about genre at all, especially not now," he says. "I may have in the past, but on Apricot Princess and from now on, I don’t put a label on things. As long as there are nice chords and keys, and it feels right, that’s what I care about. I want nice songs. I don’t want to worry about where I have to place songs on a playlist. I’m looking to make genuine, great songs and put them together into albums."

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