"I think that the people making music from the comfort of their homes don't really know what genre we are really making, to be honest," Shane Blanchard says. "In my opinion, it doesn't have a need to be put in a box, but people do love to categorize." So, if he were to play the categorization game, what would he call his work as Bane's World? Bedroom pop? Maybe. Intentionally answering in a tongue-twisting double-negative, he explains, "I don't necessarily think it doesn't fit in with that description, but I haven't thought of any better way to describe it."

"I think I fell into this style of music just because it came easily with time," the Long Beach native says. "The creamy and dreamy tones just really take me to another place, and I get lost in there for days." Blanchard's mellow, jazzy music has a throwback quality to it, but he's happily embraced technology to share his music with the world: "I can blame the internet for every single good thing that's happened to me the last couple years—in music that is. If SoundCloud didn't exist, neither would I." Addressing the community as a whole, he adds, "I really see the importance of being supportive, and open towards my peers in music. It's really cool to have it reciprocated as well. We're all young people who are part of a very young but rapidly growing community. I really love collaborating, and think I thrive while working with other artists. I find I always learn something new when I do!"

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