When developer Epic Games released Fortnite: Battle Royale for free on consoles and PC late last year, it took off to the point where it's become easily the most streamed and talked about video game out. And now, a whole bunch of new fans have been introduced to it thanks to Drake and Travis Scott.

Last night, Drake joined popular Twitch streamer Ninja for a couple of games, breaking a streaming record in the process hitting a high of 630,000 concurrent viewers. Later he was joined by Travis Scott and NFL player/video game fanatic JuJu Smith-Schuster. The full stream is archived and available to watch here, but thankfully Twitter went crazy for the stream and immediately started tracking its highlights.

Telling Ninja that he's a fan of Ninja, finding his clips on Instagram and YouTube while getting into the game, Drake explained he's been playing Fortnite for around two months or so.

Better yet, Drake made it clear he wasn't a complete stranger to the game, discussing the differences between Fortnite and the similarly-themed Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Next, the pair managed to get a win together, even if the highly-skilled Ninja carried Drake to victory.

As soon as people caught wind of what was going down, other rappers were quick to pop up on Twitter to say they're up for playing at some point, too. Logic and Lil Yachty, especially, were eager.

Next came one of the more controversial comments of the night, when Drake was asked for his input on pineapple on pizza. Drake is right, by the way.

Shortly after that, Travis and JuJu Smith joined in, and Cactus Jack himself immediately proved himself a valiable asset to the team.

Drake also decided to go for a stealthy approach at some point, hiding in a bush while providing his teammates with the loot they needed to win a match.

When Drake got ambushed while exploring a house for loot, Ninja came in with a perfectly-timed save.

They didn't just bag themselves a duo win, either, managing to get a squad win later on during the stream.

It remains to be seen if this is just a one-off thing, but as Drake mentioned to Ninja, Fortnite is a great game to just hop-in during breaks in the studio. Spending almost 20-hour days recording his next album, there's definitely hope yet that Drake could become the next big Twitch streamer if he ever gets sick of scoring countless No. 1 hits.

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