Basically at this point, any rappers wanting to put out a diss track aimed at Drake are going to have to take a number and get in line. Last summer we witnessed what felt like a never ending (albeit, hilariously entertaining) battle between Meek Mill and Drake. Fast forward to this summer and the Drake disses were coming from Joe Budden. Though the latest Budden/Drake beef is still simmering down, it looks like more tension may be headed Drake’s way soon—this time from Eminem.

According to Hot 97’s Ebro, he spoke to Drake about the rumors he’d heard about a possible diss record coming from Eminem soon. Drake reportedly laughed at the comment, saying: “That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him too.” It’s uncertain on how likely this alleged diss record is to come out soon, or at all. But there’s no doubt that this would definitely be an interesting battle to say the least.


Ebro speaks on his recent convo with Drake about Joe Budden & if Eminem were to diss him

— ITSBIZKIT (@itsbizkit) August 3, 2016


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