Coming from the city of Northampton, rather than London or even rap hotspots like Manchester and Birmingham, slowthai is doing things his own way. Sonically, his music blends grime, rap, and trap, but there's a raw spirit that runs through it all, a punk energy that makes it hard to look away.

His debut EP, slowitdownn, came out early in 2017, and was followed by the impressively varied I Wish I Knew EP in November, both packed with a mixture of sharp comments on everyday life and witty boasts. "T N Biscuits," a favorite from the first EP, was re-released with a video to kick off 2018, and it's the perfect introduction. Slowthai compares himself to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Mona Lisa in quick order, but there's one line that says it all: "Mainstream tunes, couldn't make one." Point taken.

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