After the success of his January single, “Never Hiding”—his official debut on Sony imprint 5K Records—North London’s Zakhar is back with his new song, “Lights Out”.

Produced by Sammy SoSo and Jake Gosling, Zakhar comes through with his distinct, melodic style over the guitar-led, country-tinged backdrop. His skill as a lyricist is clear on the track as he takes us into his world and describes some of the challenges he’s faced over the years, as well as his desire to hear from somebody close to him.

“This song came about when I was in a studio session with Jake Gosling and Sammy Soso,” Zakhar says. “I was in a really good mood so I created a song that also made me feel good as well. ‘Lights Out’ was referenced to a Justin Bieber song called ‘2 Much’. I just wanted to try something new and create something I’ve never done before.”