Yung Bleu and Tank exchanged words on social media this week, with the pair throwing shots at one another over who holds the king of R&B title belt.

The unexpected back-and-forth began when a fan named Bleu as R&B’s new king. “Yung Bleu might b the new King of R&B this brotha make bangers only,” a Twitter user wrote. 

After the Shade Room shared the tweet on Instagram, Tank jumped into the comments section to share his thoughts. 

“I’m glad I’m from a different generation cause y’all wild,” he wrote alongside three laughing emojis. 

Bleu caught wind of Tank’s remarks, throwing shots at the singer in a lengthy post.

“Another episode of a bitter old n***a!” he wrote. “Tank u still waiting on that verse that’s why u mad. U supposed to be a Og! U commenting on shade room acting like a female.”

Bleu added, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in being labeled as no king of r&b I’m about to be a real Super Star soon! I don’t say shit to y’all dudes I be in my own world. I already felt your weird energy that’s why Ian record to that wack ass song.”

From there, Tank posted a video to Instagram in which he maintained that he has no beef with Bleu.

“Only thing I was communicating to him in that text that you guys saw is, ‘Hey man, communicate what you feel,’” Tank said. “I do my best to make my word my bond. For those that I’ve ever fallen short of my word, I apologize.”

“This generation throws the king and queen around like you don’t have to earn that,” he added. “You how many years and how much success it takes to earn the title of king or queen. You know how long Mary J. Blige worked? You know how long R. Kelly worked? Do you understand how long Usher worked to get those titles? Chris Brown? You know what, I’m done.”

Despite the apology, Bleu threw more shade at Tank, posting an article about Bleu scoring his first platinum record in 2018.

“I never did anything but gave u your flowers just answer me one thing,” Bleu wrote. “Seeing that I have more plaques than you and sold more records. What make you more legendary than me? Time right? Give it time!”

Bleu went on to highlight his pen game, before admitting that “it’s no beef” between him and Tank.

“Ima real talent! I can be legendary within my own generation just like you were,” he said. “All these songs I wrote 100%. NO help ‘except baddest!’ All I’m saying! But it’s no beef bro I wish you nun but blessings u a legend but that dnt mean ima stop tryna be one also.”