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“Fuck all that shit, Ak, I’m trying to get married,” said YoungBoy, who has been dating Jazlyn Mychelle since at least early 2021. “I been wanting to get married since I was 18. I’m dead serious, on my kids.” He said he wants to have a “big, beautiful private wedding” on a beach rather than in a church. He wants to make sure he has a prenup and get married as soon as it makes sense.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is believed to have seven children, and he made his thoughts clear when it was suggested some people think he has “too many” children. “Man, whoever criticize me for having too many kids can eat my dick,” he said. “As long as my kids are financially stable, and get the same love out of me equally, you can’t tell me shit about me and my kids. They ain’t got nothing to do with you anyway.”