In an appearance on the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, former G-Unit rapper Young Buck claimed that 50 Cent pushed him into bankruptcy.

The former collaborators have been going back-and-forth for years, but their beef progressed to the legal system last year after Fif claimed that they still own Young Buck’s entire music catalog. Per TMZ, Buck said he was forced to file for bankruptcy because 50 Cent sent multiple cease-and-desist letters to stop him from releasing any music. 

“We at a standstill, I’m definitely not looking to go down a whole long drawn-out court situation, things like that, when it could all get handled and be done on a business level if we had that conversation to get that clarity,” he said. “He could get whatever he’s looking for from me, I can get what I’m needing from him. I can move on with my life, and continue feeding my kids. He could do the same. Like I said, my biggest situation was the fact that he sent cease-and-desists out to try to stop all of my music, and get everything pulled down based on saying I’m still an artist on G-Unit.” 

He also said he realized that he needs to find a “different route” to complete the one album that 50 Cent claims he owes. “Once he stopped me from being able to make money, I filed another bankruptcy,” Buck added. “They stopped him from being able to cease-and-desist in regards to me being able to, you know… I included what he claimed that I owed him in the bankruptcy to be able to say, ‘Well hey, if you’re owed this and present whatever receipts or whatever… You will be paid type of situation.’ But that was the only way I was able to go forward with working, so.”

Buck went on to explain that 50 Cent can’t stop him from putting out music, presumably because of the bankruptcy filing. “He’s stopped me from being able to make any kind of money,” he concluded.

Outside of sending cease-and-desist letters, Fif has also continued to clown Buck on social media. As recently as February, 50 Cent reacted to Buck’s arrest for vandalism in Nashville, Tennessee. 

“Leave that girl alone,” Fif captioned a video of Buck with the headline that he was arrested. “She didn’t know he had all this shit going on, none of us did. And He best be coming up wit my money.”