After being charged for firing his gun near a school, Melly served a one-year sentence in a Florida jail. According to his verified annotation on Genius, he wrote “Murder On My Mind” while behind bars. “I literally woke up in the jail cell and I was like, ‘Wake up in the morning, I got murder on my mind. AK-47, MAC-11, Glocks, and nine’s.’ And then the bitch was like, ‘Get up, get up. Time to get up.’ Like, ‘Yeah, fuck that song.’”

Melly also noted that he “wasn’t really fucking with nobody like that for like 3 months” while in jail. “Ain’t nobody know I could rap,” he wrote. Eventually, he shared his talents with another inmate, a local rapper who declared Melly as his new favorite after hearing the early version of “Murder on My Mind.” Melly says, “He kept telling everybody like, ‘Bruh, you the best rapper in the compound, Melly. This music you can feel.’”