YNW Melly has filed a motion to remove his visitation restrictions following the alleged discovery of contraband belonging to another inmate in his prison dorm.

The incarcerated rapper, who recently requested a medical furlough due to an abscess in his lower jaw, was given visitation, communication, and interaction restrictions following an incident earlier this year, per legal documents reviewed by Complex.

According to Melly’s legal team, another inmate of the prison filed a grievance against Melly that alleged he was in possession of shanks and pipe bombs. A search was conducted of his entire dorm, which led to the discovery of one “writing utensil and potato chips” in his cell.

Another inmate in the dorm, however, was allegedly found to be in possession of shanks, prescription drugs, and “other contraband.” Melly allegedly has no relationship with this inmate, but the rapper has been restricted from having customary visits on account of the discovery of said contraband. The search and discovery of the prohibited items happened “on or around late March 2022,” and the restrictions have remained in place since.

His legal team has asserted that the visitation booth they’re allowed to use to speak with Melly has proved insufficient because it is “impossible to review any documentation” due to its size and the plexi-glass divider. "Not only is the visitation room not large enough to accommodate Defendant's attorneys, anyone standing outside of the room can hear everything that is said in the room violating Defendant's right to private and privileged communications," reads the motion, which calls the restrictions a “violation of not only his constitutional rights but Florida law as well.”

Melly, whose real name is Jamell Maurice Demons, is currently behind bars awaiting trial on two premeditated first-degree murder charges. Both of his studio albums, 2019’s Melly vs. Melvin and 2021’s Just a Matter of Slime, dropped while he’s been awaiting trial. In July, a Florida judge removed the death penalty as a possible sentence for Melly.