Wack 100 has never been scared of speaking his mind, a disposition that was on full display when he sat down for a chat with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee. 

During the conversation, which was posted online on Monday, Wack further discussed the situation involving Kanye West and the alleged second sex tape featuring Ray J and Kim Kardashian. While a rep for Kardashian shot down rumors that a second tape exists, Wack doubled down, saying that Ray J, who he manages, “got the computer” to Ye.

“Kanye’s a gentleman, not tripping,” he said around the 43:18 mark. “He’s very serious and straight-forward. Ye went and delivered it to [Kim], and I told Ray, I said ‘When he takes that to them, once they get it, they gonna feel like, well they don’t have it anymore so we gon’ say it doesn’t exist.’ They probably was gauging my relationship with Kanye, like no way he’s gonna turn it over and have a copy, which they right. Because that wasn’t what that was about.”

Kanye originally told Lee that he retrieved the laptop belonging to Ray J and returned it to Kim.

Wack continued, sharing that “it was never about getting any money for it or doing something over here, over there.”

“I know where his heart was at. [Ye’s] heart was trying to show her, look, ‘I’m for you.’ Let’s put it to this—the mother’s gonna be the mother,” he said. “Illuminati mad.”

At the 45:40 mark, Wack said the Kardashians “get the popularity vote” in the court of public opinion, but at the end of the day, he said he’s happy he doesn’t have possession of the alleged tape, which was “sitting in a safe.” 

Later in the discussion, Wack talked about 6ix9ine, who he claimed he was “taking the reins on the management side” of. Wack said the controversial rapper tends to travel around New York City with “real dudes,” adding that he still “does crazy things.”

“I call him, ‘Where you at?’ What does he tell me? I’m in New York, I’m in Brooklyn. ‘Nah, Wack it’s cool.’ FaceTime, it’s still dudes with him,” he said around the 1:14:15 mark. “I don’t think he cares. That’s why when people come at me, I be like ‘Bro, listen man.’ Dude be in New York all the time.”

According to Wack, the “whole New York is not looking to do anything to 6ix9ine, it’s not,” adding that it’s “not like back in the day, people really don’t care.” 

Wack also spoke on rap legend 2Pac, who he said died a “legend,” while others like the Notorious B.I.G. weren’t legends until they passed.

“Biggie, he was dead before the second album came out,” Wack said around the 33:45 mark. “He became one over the years, with movies and people sampling his music. He became it, and I’m a Biggie fan. Nipsey, at the time of his demise, I couldn’t give him that when it comes to music. Do I think he’s gonna turn into that? I give him three to five years.”