The Punjabi hip-hop scene in Brampton is getting louder every day. Rapper Varinder Brar teamed up with fellow Brampton native Gustavo Guaapo on their celebratory new single “Mashook.”

The single, in which the title translates to “beloved,” sees Brar and Guaapo rapping their respective verses in Punjabi and English while riding around their city. Despite the different languages, their chemistry runs high across the three-minute track.

The accompanying video cuts between the two artists dancing in a parking lot and racing luxury cars in the suburbs.

In only five days since the video was released, it has amassed over 800,000 views and 50,000 likes on YouTube.

“Mashook” marks a busy year for Brar, who dropped four singles prior, and for Guaapo, who’s fresh off the release of his latest EP back in July with a deluxe expected in December.

The song is expected to land on Varinder’s upcoming project.

While Punjabi music has been popular in Ontario for a while, Brampton in particular has been responsible for the rise of several artists, namely the late Sidhu Moose Wala. Artists such as Deep Jandu, Fateh Doe, and Noyz all have ties to Brampton and have seen a steady share of popularity. In fact, Moose Wala and rapper Byg Byrd shouted out the city on their song “B-Town.”