Remember when Tyler was always talking about how he was bored with rapping? In 2014, he even told Larry King he “hated rapping” and claimed, “I don’t wanna rap anymore. I just want to compose music.” Then, before releasing IGOR, he warned fans, “DON’T GO INTO THIS EXPECTING A RAP ALBUM.” Well, after all these years, it seems like Tyler has fallen in love with rap again. Over the past year and a half, he’s been dropping bar-heavy loosies like “Group B” and collaborating with lyrically-minded rappers like Freddie Gibbs (“Something to Rap About”) and Westside Gunn (“327”). Now, “Lumberjack,” continues this trend, as Tyler raps over a hard-hitting beat for two minutes straight—even squeezing in a Gangsta Grillz tag (more on that later). If these clues are anything to go on, it seems like we’re about to get the most rap-heavy project we’ve heard from Tyler since at least 2015.