Southside sounded alarms in Miami that alerted one of the city’s gatekeepers. 

During a recent Instagram Live session, Trick Daddy weighed in on Southside, Kodak Black, and the producer’s declaration about his hometown. Trick Daddy explained that he’s not picking sides in the beef, but he did talk to Southside about his comments.

“808 went Live and he made a comment. He mentioned Broward County and he mentioned Dade County,” Trick Daddy told his followers. “So I just had a word with fool. … And what he was trying to say was, ‘Y’all niggas from Broward and I fuck with real niggas from Miami and it came out wrong.’ … That nigga 808 told me he meant no disrespect. He would never do that. The shit came out wrong.”

Kodak Black and 808 Mafia’s Southside have been at odds for years. Their tension stems from an issue that involves Southside’s partner, Yung Miami. So after taking aim at Lil Uzi Vert for seemingly disrespecting Yung Miami on Instagram Live, Southside rehashed his beef with Black. In the process of addressing Black, the Atlanta native made a boisterous claim about his presence in the City of Miami.

“Niggas from Broward, they ain’t even from Miami,” Southside said in reference to Kodak Black’s Pompano Beach Sniper Gang collective. “I run Miami, nigga. Fuck is you talking ‘bout, nigga.”

As expected, this didn’t sit well with people from Broward and/or Dade County. 

Because of this backlash, Southside wanted to make sure it was known that he misspoke and wasn’t trying to disrespect Broward or Miami as a whole. Trick, on the other hand, offered both Black and Southside some advice on aging in hip-hop.

“Rap music … you not supposed to die about it,” Trick Daddy explained. “You supposed to get you some fucking money and live happily ever after.”