If you want to date a Kardashian, you must learn to braid hair. There might be some other things you need (money, status, a job, overall life purpose, distinction within your field, to live in Southern California, a non-stalker way to come into contact with one naturally, lots of other stuff … a nice house and some cars probably wouldn’t hurt) but that’s all relatively easy. 

Why do we say this? Because Travis Barker once again demonstrated his hairstyling ability on girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian — another skill to perfect. The result, designated by Billboard as a “beautifully long braided mane,” made it to the IG Stories with the caption “Braid by @Travisbarker.”

You can see it here:

Kourtney Kardashian braid
Image via Instagram

This is not a one-off (peep the ‘once again’ line above). Last month, Kardashian posted the following pic/caption hitting on a similar theme:

The drummer and media personality have been dating since at least February, and have made lots of headlines in that short period of time. He’s gotten her name tattooed on him, they shared an IG moment that went viral (might be more of a media thing), and also Kim Kardashian denied a rumor that the two had previously hooked up. Lots of range.

In more professional news, Barker has been putting out new music on a weekly basis, including with collaborator Machine Gun Kelly. On top of that, A new Blink 182 album is also in the works, set to mark the first full-length one for the band since 2019’s Nine