In what is definitely a major milestone for the musician, Travis Barker has just been spotted flying on a plane for the first time since he was involved in a near-fatal crash back in 2008.

Images captured by TMZ show Barker boarding Kylie Jenner’s private jet with his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Cory Gamble as the group heads to vacation in Cabo, Mexico. This is the first time the Blink-182 drummer has gotten on a plane since he was involved in a deadly crash back in 2008 that killed over half the people on board.

Barker was already afraid of flying, and when he, DJ AM, and their entourage of close friends were flying out of South Carolina in 2008. Their plane was not able to leave the ground. A tire had burst on the runway, making the plane veer out of control, crash through the airport gate, across the highway, and eventually stop in a ditch. The crash killed Barker’s close friends Charles “Che” Still and Chris Baker, along with both pilots.

Barker and DJ AM survived, but not without second and third degrees burns. Barker suffered third-degree burns across 65 percent of his body and was forced to get several surgeries and skin grafts to recover. He still has PTSD to this day after the tragedy. DJ AM passed away from a drug overdose a year after the crash.

Barker vowed to never fly again following the crash but has now mustered up the courage to get back on a plane 13 years later.