Before we were all stuck in our homes, songs were already going viral on TikTok all the time, but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s happening even more. Creating and recording Tiktok challenges has quickly become a favorite quarantine pastime. Whether it’s the #SavageChallenge or the #HitYoGrooveChallenge, everyone is getting swept up, and the trend likely won’t end anytime soon. New downloads of TikTok have reportedly increased by 18 percent in the United States since March 22. 

Of course, not every song that blows up on TikTok is worth your time. There is plenty of gimmicky dance challenge bait that you should avoid. So, to help cut out some of the noise, Complex compiled a list of the songs blowing up on TikTok that you should be paying attention to. Check out 12 songs and read about how they blew up below.