Producer: DJ Premier
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy

Over Primo's Screamin' Jay Hawkins–sampling Tunnel banger, Frank White came out with two guns blazing—"stay low," he advises, "and keep firing"—aiming at all detractors, foes, and those who chose to use disrespectful views on the king of NY.

Forced to defend his throne, Biggie asserted his dominance as the boss of the Big Apple. If it wasn't bad enough that Biggie had an entire coast at his neck, now rappers in his own city were attacking him too. Fellow Brooklynites OGC mocked Big in a video, while Rae & Ghost accused him of biting of Nas' shit. Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.

How did Big Poppa respond? He threw bleach in Raekwon's eye (now he's brailin' it), and mocked the jealous with the first appearance of the hilarious mad rapper skit. He seemed to have the Wu and Nas in mind, claiming they'd studied Ready To Die, stolen his flow, not recouped on their albums, and dozens of other hilarious jabs.

Perfecting the art of the subliminal diss, Big's "Kick In The Door" had plenty of rappers looking in the mirror, questioning whether his shots were directed at them.