Producer: Eminem
Album: Restless
Label: Loud
"Don't Approach Me" is a get-off-me rant against the media and Stans. It also just happens to be a demonstration of extremely tight delivery and lyricism. "If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer/I might get my wife to let go of this knife and just calm her/Without these cameras in our faces like animals," Eminem barks, opening up about his (ex) wife's suicide attempts. Later, he closes things with some heated words for the people who bug the hell out of him and his fam when he's trying to chill at his crib: "Sometimes I feel like loadin' this rifle/And climbin' the roof at night and hidin' outside to snipe you/It's not that I don't like you/It's just that when I'm not behind the mic/I'm a person who's just like you." As far as it's-tough-to-be-a-celebrity diatribes go, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better one than "Don't Approach Me." (Special shout-out to Xzibit for the snappy dig at evil music industry practices: "Millionaires snatchin' crumbs off my little son plate.")