Producer: DJ Spinna
Album: "Sound Clash" 12" B-side
Label: Rawkus
Today, Eminem's name is by far the most recognizable on the roster for "5 Star Generals," which speeds along like Fred Sanford's junkyard truck being chased by the cops on some bumpy-ass road. But at the time of its release, this was a blazing posse cut (only heard, probably, by the 50,000 heads that are true to real hip-hop music) consisting of five hungry MCs trying to get known. The issues over skin color would pop up once Eminem got mega-popular, but at this juncture he had already been co-signed by the people that mattered—his peers—and not just locally, but on the East Coast as well, which didn't just accept anybody with open arms. (Real recognize real, as the saying goes.) Em, still not worldwide famous, jokes, "Went to pull you off my dick and got the pliers stuck," not knowing he would soon be hounded by fans at every waking moment.