Producer: Eminem
Album: Invasion: Shady Records Mixtape
Label: Shady
Eminem "Nail In The Coffin"
Eminem "The Sauce"

The most famous issue of The Source was the "issue" co-owner/veteran rapper Ray Benzino and Eminem had with each other. It didn't start out bad. Eminem was featured in the magazine's coveted Unsigned Hype column in March of 1998. (Yay!) Two years later, The Marshall Mathers LP received two measly mics. (Booo!) You'll have to read between the lines (or ask Yahoo! Answers) to figure out what went wrong. Zino then released the mixtape diss "Pull Ya Skirt Up," and Em fired back with "The Sauce" and "Nail In The Coffin." "The Sauce" clowned the biased editorial practices of the publication and referred to the rumors of Benzino extorting his business partner ("Ray's got AKs to Dave Mays' head"). "Nail In The Coffin" turned out to be worthy of a Hip-Hop Quotable, with Em calling Benzino "an 83-year-old fake Pacino" and stating that the only way he'd get his wish of being all over the street like 50 Cent would be if he fell off a balcony. But the biggest Zino zinger was, "What you know about bein' bullied over half your life?/Oh, that's right, you should know what that's like, you're half-white." A white rapper calling out another rapper for being half-white is a WTF? moment you never forget.