Producer: Mike Elizondo
Album: Straight From The Lab EP
Label: N/A
For a minute, Eminem had so many beefs cooking, you needed a scorecard (or menu) to keep up. One of the longest-running altercations was with Canibus, the 100-plus-bar rapper who gained a name going at LL Cool J. A misunderstanding got them off on the wrong foot ('Bis thought Em had ghostwritten LL's "The Ripper Strikes Back"), and as time went on their Cold War heated up, going from subliminals to warning shots to full-blown disses. "Can-I-Bitch" was an all-out attack, incorporating elements of Slick Rick's classic "Children's Story" before ditching the concept and just going in on "Stanibus," mocking his rap style to a tee: "'Bis, c'mon, answer me, man, respond!/Tell me 'bout the sun, rain, moon, and stars/Intergalatical metaphors from Mars!" (If you listen to Canibus, you know why that's funny as shit.) With playful swipes at Jermaine Dupri and The Pet Shop Boys (yeah, totally unnecessary, but the randomness is worth a chuckle), this one feels simply like a battle rapper enjoying his favorite pastime.