Producer: Dr. Dre, Mel-Man
Album: 2001
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
Sounding like the bestest high school marching band in the universe leading a procession of three-wheel-motion lowriders down Crenshaw Blvd. on the national holiday known as "Dre Day," "What's The Difference" hasn't lost a damn step. It still bangs, it's still certified classic—and probably still the only time Dre calls Slim "nigga" on a song. It's understandable, though, since the emotions are runnin' sky high as the Doc recalls days gone by ("Eazy I'm still wit' you/Fuck the beef, nigga, I miss you/And that's just being real wit' you"), Xzibit tears the track a new one ("I pop bottles and hot hollow points at each and all of you"), and Marshall can't help but stop the song momentarily to express himself: "I don't know if I ever told you this, but I love you, dog," he tells his mentor in a moment of weeded gratitude. But in case you think something's sweet, never that, as Em promises to dish out pain to whoever want it: "Raw dog, get your arm gnawed off/Drop the sawed-off and beat you with the piece it was sawed off of." With each rapper answering the proposed question in the song title, Slim's explanation is the funniest: "So what's the difference between us?/We can start at the penis/Or we can scream, 'I just don't give a fuck!' and see who means it."