Producer: Eminem, Jeff Bass, DJ Head
Album: Bones Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: Doggystyle/Priority

It ain't easy picking out the edgiest D12 song, but this might be it. They have definitely said far crazier shit on other records, but their attitude on this one is just off the meat rack. Unapologetic and electrifying, it toes the line early on when Eminem dares listeners to "forget this song/Go run out and buy this disc/And try this shit/As much coke as I just did." Even more tripped out is when he straight talks over the final chorus: "I'll probably end up dying from this shit one day. Probably pick up a newspaper in the morning and it's like, 'Eminem dies from drug overdose.' And my friends, they ain't no fucking better... So, it's peer pressure... And I give in to it. So do they." The brutal honesty trapped in a time capsule (which, obviously, was spoken many years before he went to rehab) is a sobering thought about what might have been.