Produced By: Trackmasters/Trackmasters
Album: It Was Written/"Street Dreams" 12"
Label: Columbia/Columbia

The follow-up to "If I Ruled the World" was a huge success, another notable entry on the charts, another wondrously reworked "cover" of a popular tune (the way Nas rapified the chorus of the Eurythmics mega-hit was on point). There was so much win to this poppin' single: the video—a Casino remake with a cameo from goodfella Frank Vincent—was one of God Son's best, and the smoothed-out, grown-folks remix single with R. Kelly was like getting a whole new different song.

If that weren't enough, the 12" single featured a version with an alternate third verse that might be better than the one on the album. After all the lofty talk of drug-dealer aspirations, this stanza closes with a sobering thought for that ass: "Back on the block, buggin', how the fuck I been through this?/Nearly cost my life, but now I can't show a cent from it."