Produced By: DR Period
Album: Doe or Die
Label: EMI

Like Notorious told us, mo' money = mo' problems. Add mo' murder to the equation (hell, add just one murder), and it's not illmatic or stillmatic, it's Problematic (with a capital "P").

In this prelude to The Firm jump-off (you can hear them shout it out in the song, and Foxy appeared in the video), Nas is held hostage, but that doesn't stop him from painting a Rembrandt of a portrait when describing his captor: "Gators from Barbados, never seen nobody play those/Lay-Low is what they called him, his head baldin'/Sippin' cappucino, spilled on his silk suit, was scaldin'/Laugh was vulgar, canvas paintings of the Isatollah/And on his arm he wore a priceless vulture."

AZ presents a picture of himself that is equally as vivid: "My presence is like that of a Christian/With ammunition puttin' states under submission/Street addiction, got me tied in thorough with buroughs/Still in the ghetto, but in the cut where it's mellow." You have just witnessed the minds of two poets who will get rich or die trying.