Album: Stone Cold Rhymin'
Label: Fourth & Broadway/Delicious Vinyl/Island Records/BMG Ariola
Producer: Matt Dike, Michael Ross

“Bust a Move” was the brainchild of several L.A. wunderkinds. DJ Matt Dike, who elevated the art of deejaying at his club Power Tools (1985–1987); Michael Ross, a UCLA business student from Long Beach who parlayed Dike's talents into Delicious Vinyl, the most successful and longest-running impendent rap label on the West Coast; and Marvin Young, a USC economics student, who wrote raps that a generation of teenagers memorized and would still repeat decades after they grew up, got rich and became the characters you see in Up In the Air. Last but not least, Flea delivers the bassline for a perfect confection of L.A. musical currents circa 1989.

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