Album: Doggystyle
Label: Death Row
Producer: Dr. Dre

Now here's a song that's iller than a French kiss from a wino. It's all about that George McCrae two-step. “I Get Lifted” was a pretty ill song to begin with, but when Dr. Dre finished with it, it was a symphony-woozy, lusty, boozy. It would have been a huge song even if some Death Row benchwarmer like RBX had taken it.

But it was destined for Snoop and he for it, because his syrupy, genetically Mississippian flow already smells like menthol and liquor. What's it about? It's about Slick Rick, Seagrams, and a bitch named Sadie. It had bankers, schoolgirls, and every other citizen singing about indo for most of 1993 and all of 1994, and continues to do so.